Hot weather and hot hockey

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this week’s match reports. Your efforts with writing and taking pictures are hugely appreciated.

Last week, we had just under 1500 views of your work – yet another record – and a terrific example of how valued your efforts are by Sutho fans who can’t get to their usual spots inside the fence. And wouldn’t a Sutho snag go well (sigh!).

Getting this issue out has been plagued by software problems, so if anything is missing, my apologies. There may appear to be gaps in the text – just keep scrolling and it should come up.


Sutho 1st Grade Men 0 Moorebank 5

What was expected to be a dour battle turned out to be exactly that, but we were beaten in no uncertain way.  Moorebank smacked our behinds and was clearly the better side on the day.

The game showed everyone just how much we were short and what we need to do if we are going to be serious about getting to the Big Show in October. Basics mainly once again let us down and will need to be worked on.

Team structure needs to be looked at and maybe go back to where we were when we played some of our best hockey against Norwest Strikers a few weeks ago.  If we can regain that quality, determination and commitment we can still go all the way.

Energy and training attendance is not the problem here as the squad is nearly all there two nights a week;  coaches can’t ask for more.

This loss far from kills our season. It is more a wakeup call for the guys to work on the missing links to get to where we want to be.

Sutho 2nd Grade Men 2 Moorebank 1

Over the sunny weekend, our team faced the ever-challenging force of Moorebank for the always rough and competitive second versus third-place fixture. After our dramatic victory against Ryde last week, we knew we needed to lift our game and intensity if we were to defeat this foe.

Moorebank started strong, moving the ball fluently and with speed, as they pinned us in our half very early on.

Our defence held firm and scrambled well to shut down most of the attacking plays in particularly their counter-attack.

Our goalkeeper’s form of last week seemed to have carried over into this week’s contest as he yet again kept us in the game with some crucial work between the sticks.

As the half drew to a close, Moorebank managed to slot away a rather fortunate but deserved goal as the ball took a deflection off our team to a player on the back post.

Despite the rather demoralising goal, we went into the second half full of energy and belief we could drag this game back into our favour.

A solid start and some delicious play from our defensive mids turning Moorebank all around, created pressure and space for our attack to thrive.

This pressure paid off, as our leading goal scorer broke their defensive line, with great speed he turned their cover defence on the inside. Angling back into the circle from the bi-line, this goal scoring fiend produced a game-altering and all-powerful tomahawk, crushing the ball through the keeper’s legs and rocketing into the backboard, leaving a distinct and thud in its wake.

This goal tilted the momentum in our favour, and not long after our composure and ball movement led to another goal. From our first short corner of the match, the ball was slapped with pace and expertly finished by our Captain, lunging in with desire and deflecting the ball with purpose goalwards. Moorebank was stunned.

As they threw everything at us in a last-ditch attempt to salvage the match, our defence and the resilience of our team carried us to a 2-1 victory, and a game which we will certainly remember.

Points: 3 Damon Arapa 2 Michael Sharkey 1 Mason Neale. Goals: Mason Neale and Michael Sharkey.

Sutho 3rd Grade Men 2 Moorebank 0

Moorebank is always a tough game, and in hot conditions it ended up a hard-fought win for Sutho.

We aimed to play with more intensity and effort after last week’s loss to Ryde, and our persistence in the attacking half, with shots from Tim and Zac, led to a stroke being awarded after Isaac was pushed in the back in front of goal.

Brendo slotted it away with the keeper diving to the other corner, giving us a 1-0 lead into quarter time.

With fatigue setting in, the game got scrappier as we held onto our narrow lead.

Moorebank strikers had breakaways that were luckily stopped by our defenders and Dan in goals, while our mids and strikers kept the pressure on Moorebank’s defence but lacked the final execution for goals.

A three-quarter time pep talk from Lachie Rowling, however, brought our intensity back into the game, and Scott snuck one in from the baseline within the first minute, bringing it up to 2-0. Sutho held on from there and finished off a tough win to get the three points.

Best and fairest: 3 Matt, 1 each to Zac, Brad, Ollie .

4th grade Sutho 3 Northern Districts Strikers 2

As the 4th-grade men’s team turned up to a hot and sweaty Hockey Park on Sunday afternoon, it was immediately known that it was gonna be a tough one… with the heat adding an extra factor of difficulty to the game. However, coming off a well-deserved 5-3 win last week, the boys were hungry for back to back Ws.

The game started quickly with our dominant midfield creating turnovers and an attack that was forming opportunities but remaining unable to capitalise. However, a fast-paced combination of Wiggo and Oli Bollard managed to see the youngest Bollard send a diving tomahawk past the keeper to get us on the board. The intensity was kept up throughout the first quarter until just as the quarter finished, where what seemed like the first opportunity of the game for Northern Districts was converted into a goal.


The next quarter continued our strength in defence and attack with more opportunities coming but none getting converted. With a number of defensive short corners occurring in a row at one point, our defence was getting a great amount of ball time but inevitably, their efforts paid off as they scored their second goal through a rapid counter-attack sending us into halftime.

1-2 – at halftime

The halftime talk was pretty simple… stick to basics, let the ball do the work and don’t run too much in the heat!! So with some water and oxygen in our systems, we returned to the field feeling the most confident we’d been all game. Some great combinations between Huon, Wiggo, and Quinny saw Wiggo score a great deflection into the bottom corner. And in what seemed like just a moment, we’d tied up the game. Now on the front foot, we were able to construct promising plays, pass accurately, and trap efficiently, worrying the opposition as they lacked similar opportunities.


With the game plan being to burn them on the sides, we went back to the field and only moments in, Quinny and Wiggo managed to combine again to tally Wiggo’s second for the day and put us in the lead just when we needed it.

With 10 minutes left on the clock and only a goal ahead, we knew we needed to maintain a strong attack to eliminate the chance of Northern Districts scoring again. Jack, Will, and Richo managed to consistently hold firm along the backline as they passed across the field, burning both the clock and the legs of the opposition strikers whilst also giving us opportunities to keep the pressure on as we continued to make circle penetrations and create panic for the opposition. Finally, after what seemed like the longest 10 minutes ever, the buzzer went and we had won! A well-deserved win for the boys and hopefully a sneak peek of what is still to come during the rest of the season…

Final Score, Sutho 3-2 Northern Districts. Best and fairest: Wiggo 3, Quinny 2, Richo 1. Goals: Wiggo 2, Oli B 1

It was pretty thin with match reports from some men’s teams, so here’s a gallery of fourth grade – and others – from a few of last weekend’s games to fill the hole.

7th Grade Double Header

Saturday 29 August – Sutho 1 Macquarie Uni 3

This was a disappointing result considering what was on the line in this short season. We started slowly and were down 1-0 early, but we mounted some sustained pressure for periods in the first two quarters and eventually equalised from a corner to make it 1-1.

Uni scored two more goals on counter-attack to lead 3-1 going into the last quarter and kept us at bay from there.

Good to see Brooky back from knee injury although not 100% played as we were short for numbers.

B&F: Sean Ryan 3, Andrew Chang 2, Mark Brookfield 1. Goal: Mark Brookfield.

Sunday 30 August Sutho 1 Briars 4

The second match of a doubleheader didn’t start well. We were 2 early before we got ourselves back into the match. We created several chances up to 3/4 time without finding the net.

Aaron Krepp was looking dangerous along with Hugh Coman, while Lachlan Todd and Jonathan Krepp were having good matches for us at Right and Left Back.

Hugh scored the goal of the match early in the last quarter to make it 3-1 after impressive build-up play through Mitch Rowling and Aaron Krepp. Briars scored late on to seal the win.

It was a much better performance than our effort on Saturday. We play Moorebank at home this Sunday so looking forward to carrying this form into next weekend.

B&F: Lachlan Todd 3, Aaron Krepp 2 and Hugh Coman 1. Goal – Hugh Coman

Sutho 8th Grade  2 Northern Districts 1

On a lovely sunny day at Sutherland hockey field, 8th Grade had an awesome game against a team higher than them on the table.

It was end-to-end hockey with some really good attacking both sides and solid defence all around. Everyone, without exception, played incredibly well today; great commitment, consistent running, hard tackles and awesome passing.

Just before half time, Conner Crowley touched in a short corner from Adam right on the post to score a perfect winger’s goal.

In the third quarter, Northern Districts scored a soft goal to equal the score, but within minutes Scott Calder picked up a keeper’s deflection to make it 2-1.

From then on, it was again end-to-end with some serious running and great defence on a very warm afternoon.

If we keep up this intensity for future games we will start climbing the ladder and at least make the finals. Looking forward to next weekend and another game at home.

Best and fairest Adam Howard 1, Jordan Wood 2, Conner Crowley 3. Goals: Conner Crowley 1 and Scott Calder 1.





Sutho First Grade Arangas 1 RSL 2

A strong game was played by the first grade women with a lot of hard work, intensity and effort put in by the whole team.

Kiara scored a ripper goal at the top of the circle, and the defenders had fantastic game with Fish holding down the back line.

Although we came up short on the scoreboard, our game showed improvement in all areas.

Best and Fairest; Fish 3, Emily 2, Kiara 1

Sutho Second Grade Arangas 0 University of NSW 0

What a beautiful day for an amazing game of hockey.

After previously being defeated by UNSW, Sutho had a score to settle. After a strong first quarter it was 0-0 and Sutho was playing stronger than ever.

There were multiple attacks from both teams but at half time it was still 0-0.

Sutho played an incredibly strong second half and after several consecutive short corner attempts from UNSW, we defended our goal with no result to the opposition.

In the final quarter, Sutho played strongly and cohesively, using skills developed at training in a game setting. Every player assisted in an integral component throughout the game. The final score was 0-0. It reflected the determination and strength from the Sutho ladies.

Overall it was definitely one of, if not our best, game of the season and hopefully we can continue to grow and develop as a squad.

Best and fairest: Kathleen Leach 3, Theresa Wilde 2, Janet Matthews 1.


U17 Sutho Blue Tongues 3 Glebe 0

WOO HOO!!! Our first win for the season. It was a fun game to watch with everyone enjoying themselves.

After several attempts at trying to score off a short corner, we changed our hitters and Elliot was our first goal scorer off a short corner in the second quarter.  We held Glebe to a 1-0 score until the fourth quarter when we scored another two more goals.

One came from Jonathon, who played to the umpire’s whistle and heard the ‘advantage’ call and scored a goal, while Kai who deflected the ball into the goal from a pass from Jonathon.

Jade was positioned extremely well for the whole game and was strong and accurate with pushing out from the short corners.

Remember, when you have the ball, it’s easier for your team members to pass to you when you’re in a clear space, especially in the mid-field. Standing behind your player and calling for the ball is not the best option, especially when everyone in the team is making the same move.

Strong and definite passes will also result in the ball travelling to where you want it to go…dodon’t just ‘hit and hope’.

Thanks again to Jack and Kai from 15As for filling in again for us. We’ve appreciated your help this season.

Best and Fairest: 3 Jade Stegbauer, 2 Elliot Spence, 1 Kai Struve. Goals: Elliot, Jonathon and Kai.

U15 Metro v Gordon North Sydney

No report

Sutho U15A Geckos 1 Bankstown 1

‘Maximum Effort’ today from the opening whistle surprised Bankstown’s usually strong centre field, as we didn’t give them an inch, and matched the intensity in challenges for the ball.  This is the kind of play we needed to match the press that Bankstown relies on.

Our tendencies to ‘hit it up the guts’ met less favourable results, but some good constructive passing examples opened up the field, and when we played the wide game, we dominated on many occasions, placing the Bankstown defence on high alert.

More of this open play, strong passing and actively putting ourselves in space will bring home the season in a good way.

On a lighter note, suggestions are open for a T-Shirt for our coach Peter Tait, so we can make sure the message is getting to those on the field that may not be able to hear him from the sideline.

Well done this week

Go Sutho!

Best and Fairest: 3 Tomas McCowen 2 Maxwell Lewis 2 Kai Morris. Goals: Kai Morris 1

Battle of the Lizards

From the Blue Tongues

U15B Sutho Blue Tongues 3 v Sutho Thorny Devils 1 – The Lizard Cup II.

Playing for the Lizard Cup was always going to bring the best out of both teams. The Thorny Devils were keen to hold onto the cup while Blue Tongues were desperate to regain it in their first Lizard victory for the year.

Both teams came out wanting to take control of the game, but neither was giving an inch.

Both defences held tight, but the Blue Tongues’ passes started to find their mark and the attack started to break through the Thorny Devils’ defences and Zara able to score the first goal of the game.

After taking the lead, the Blue Tongues’ defence was determined not to let the Thorny Devils through to equalise.

With Christian controlling the defensive line the Thorny Devils found it difficult to get a shot at goal and when they did Nicholas in goals was up to the challenge to stop the shot.

Our strong defence in our midfield was able to push the ball forward with great passing to our attack, where Zara finished a play with a second goal to take us to half time 2 nil up.

The second half promised to be as close and exciting as the first half. It didn’t disappoint. Both teams came out fighting hard with the Blue Tongues determined to hold onto the lead and the Thorny Devils wanting to get the 2 goals back.

Neither side gave anything in the second half. With a sensational piece of teamwork, we were able to finally break the defence and put Liam into the open, placing the shot past the goalie. We were 3 goals up.

To the credit of the determined Thorny Devils, they were able to get through and score. With enough time left in the game to get the other 2 goals back, they took control of the game and it looked like they could break the defences again. But the Blue Tongues dug in deep holding off any attack and finishing the game with a hard-earned win.

The Thorny Devils brought the best out in us today with Jo and Paris, although happy with the win, were happier to see that we put four strong quarters together for the first time this year.

I would like to thank the Thorny Devils for a great game of hockey. Like the first game, both teams played hard, fair and in the spirit of the game but when the final whistle is blown it wasn’t who won or lost but two Sutho teams out there having fun.

The points this week was the hardest to choose yet as each player put in their best performance of the year. Ultimately 3 points went to Myles, 2 to Flynn and 1 to Nicholas.

From the Thorny Devils

Sutho Under 15B Thorny Devils 1 Sutho Blue Tongues 3

Hats off to the Blue Tongues who came out fighting this week to capture the Lizard Cup.

The Thorny Devils were a little slow to find their passion and energy for the game and unfortunately played their best 10 minutes of hockey during the last quarter.

Stand out players were Joshua, Jacob and Owen who gave their best and ran hard all game.

As always, we are proud of both teams for playing with great spirit, fun and friendship.

Best and fairest: 3 Joshua Penrose 2 Jacob McAllistar 1 Owen Laycock. Goal: Bailey Peters.

U13A Sutho Geckos 2 St George Knights 0

The Geckos headed back home after playing away the last two weeks. With a picture perfect day and a 10.10am game,  the Geckos were enthusiastic to play some great hockey.

They started off confidently with some nice wide passing from our backs Oisin, Olive and Rhys that pleased coach Bollard. This made for a number of sideline attacking plays by Kalahni and  Riley to set up our strikers Amy, Peter and Skye.

The Geckos seemed to have what looked like a thousand shots on goal but only adding to the scoreboard once in each of the second and third quarters. The St George Knights played a smart defensive game and a lot of credit must also go to their goalkeeper for an outstanding game, saving almost everything we threw at him.

A number of our Geckos deserve a mention for strong and determined play: birthday girl Skye, Amy, Olive and Kalahni, our ‘gatekeeper’ Oisin, Lachlan our CM getting the ball forward, our goal keeper Hamish for his encouraging words, lastly a great effort by Rhys and Dominic running all day both in defence and attack.

Next week will be a Battle of the Lizards Trophy match against a very tough opponent. The Geckos will have to play to their potential to keep our hands on the Trophy.

Best and fairest: 3 Dominic 2 Rhys 1 Skye. Goals: Skye 1 Riley 1 goal

Sutho U13B Thorny Devils 2 Bankstown/Sydney Uni 2

Thorny Devils can always expect a tough game from Bankstown/Sydney Uni and today was no exception.

Thorny Devils worked hard to lead 2-nil before Bankstown took advantage of few opportunities to even up the score.  We did well to have majority possession throughout the game, but goals proved difficult as a determined opposition had us a little spooked in our goal circle.

The draw today ended the season’s winning streak, but gives the Thorny Devils plenty to work on as we come to the pointy end of the season.

Best and Fairest: Sarah Ekermawi, Bethany Domrow and Jamie-Grace Pittello 2 points each. Goals: Sarah Ekermawi and Jack Margetson

U13B Sutho Bearded Dragons 5 Moorebank 0

The 13B Bearded Dragons presented a scintillating 5-0 performance against Moorebank on Saturday.

Missing star coach Darcy to her own first-grade game, coach Alec and manager Melissa stepped up to the plate to direct the team around.

A small structural change playing with a DM and CB instead of two centre backs proved magnificent with Luke and Isaak controlling the midfield with class and precision throughout the game.

Isaak linked up with Luke to create the opportunity for the first goal with Luke having a one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The keeper’s defence led to a stroke and Isaak to step up to the dot and slotting the ball in the bottom left corner.

Another great run in the circle from Isaak helped bring the score to 2-0, placing the ball in the same bottom left corner where his first shot went. We went to half time without a change to the score.

The second half started the same way the first ended with Ariana putting on the skills to run through 4 Moorebank players and pass the ball before receiving it back and dragging another player and putting the ball in to the back of the net.

Some great work down the right-hand edge from Abby and Caitlin helped Harrison get the ball to put away the 4th goal. Some fine magnificent passing through about 7 Sutherland sticks ended with Harrison and an open goal to collect the 5th and final goal for us.

Saturday was a coming together of a lot of hard work put in at training over the past few weeks and was very pleasing to watch. If they continue to play like this they could be a premiership contender.

Best and fairest points: 3 Isaak, 2 Harrison, 1 Alyssa. Goals 2 Isaak, 2 Harrison, 1 Ariana.

U11B Sutho Blue Tongues 1 Moorebank 0

Playing at Moorebank on Saturday, we had the first pushback and scored within about 30 seconds.

This came from a passing combination through the centre from Jack to Mila then to Caiden, who perhaps caught the Moorebank goalie off-guard, and found the back of the net.

It was just as well we got that goal then because the Moorebank goalie had a great game and from that point we could not get another goal in. Their goalie did some magnificent saves, blocking shot after shot, helped by the rest of the Moorebank defence working hard to keep us from scoring.

There was some great work again this week by Lincoln clearing the ball long and wide and Alex did a great job marking his opposition and not letting him get into the game.

Grace stepped it up this week and was winning the one-on-one contests, winning corners and even had some shots on goal. Mila had a blinder this week, reading the play, making herself available, accurate passing and winning corners and making a valuable contribution.

Thanks to Ethan for stepping up to play goalie this week. Fortunately, he had a very quiet game as the ball only came his way once where it ran wide of the goal and over the baseline well clear of him.

One thing to work on for the next few games is marking, as some players were drifting out of position,  leaving opponents unmarked. We ended up winning the game 1-0.

This week’s best and fairest points go to Mila, Grace and Alex.

U11B Sutho Thorny Devils 4 SGR 6

After a frustrating display last week against the Blue Tongues there was a bit of trepidation going up against the top of the table SGR (and that was just from the coaches and manager).

Playing against a physically larger team Coach Hoy changed the line up to a 3-2-2 formation to shore up the defence, and it paid dividends.

A strong opening 10 minutes with some great tackling from the Thorny Devils saw us score the opening two goals, including one from a well-worked penalty corner.

The team were enjoying themselves but SGR wasn’t giving and three quick goals including some from unforced errors on our part saw them 3-2 up at half time. There was a lot of positivity at the break but 3 more goals from SGR saw us 6-2 down.

Our heads didn’t drop though and it was really pleasing to see everybody fighting to be the first to the ball and win the tackle, and we were rewarded with a couple of breakaway goals.

All up a much more satisfying performance from the team in all aspects of the game.

Best and fairest: Achilles 3 Griffin 2 Hamish 1. Goals: Achilles 2 Daniel 2.




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