Season Launch 2024

This weekend the coaches get to say their first words of wisdom, the managers start to pull out the lollies, and the senior men and women get to run onto the field to kick off the 2024 season. The excitement is building and the teams are keen to put into play everything they have been fine-tuning over the preseason.

Come down to Sutho – Tradies Hockey Park this Saturday, 6th of April to watch our senior Men’s play against UNSW, then stay for the Season Launch Party. 

  • Premier League 3: UNSW – Sutho 12:30pm
  • Premier League 2: UNSW – Sutho 2:00pm
  • Premier League 1: UNSW – Sutho 3:30pm
  • Season Launch Party: 5:00-10:30pm

Dinner will consist of Pulled pork rolls, Hamburgers, Steak sandwiches, and all of our other normal canteen items.

All are welcome!

Season Launch 2024

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