Everything you wanted to know about last weekend’s games…

1st grade – Bye

2nd grade Sutho 5 Macquarie University 1

We still had Gav, Bourkey and Iain unavailable. Sutho continued their good form from last week and took a 4-0 lead into half-time. The second half was a pretty scrappy affair with things getting a little heated at times. The final score was 5-1.

Peter had an inauspicious start to the match. After a stern warning from coach Gav at training, he still arrived late and for the first time in his stellar career, started the game on the bench.

Once on the field, his first play was to concede a short corner for a “blatant” clearance over the back line. He did manage to score his first goal of the season and provided an assist for “another breathtaking Michael goal”. (His words).

Ralph scored a fine goal and Brendo’s double takes his season tally to an amazing 14!! (6 ahead of Gav).

Blake was rewarded for a fine all-round performance with the 3 points. Peter got 2 and Jimmy 1.

It is back to Pennant Hills next Saturday so make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to get there. If it is anything like two weeks ago we’ll start with 6 and have 5 on the bench!!

3rd grade Sutho 1 Macquarie University 1

A warm autumn day greeted us at Sutho, with expectation high in the air. Down on troops with multiple double ups, the boys took the field excited that Captain Bollard had a new but highly classified nickname.

Sutho mounted good early pressure and scored through clinical execution of the run-the-backline training drill, much to the leadership team’s delight.

Mac Uni, or the Maggots as they prefer to be known didn’t create a lot of chances, and their 11 behind the ball style makes it hard to penetrate and generated a grinding style of hockey. Towards the end of the half they equalised through a drag push deflection that was saved by Jason but the rebound was slotted home.

Second half was even more of a grind. Sutho were more creative and dangerous, but we didn’t take our half chances and Mac Uni didn’t really create many. Nic had a shot/pass late in the game from left slip on a corner that missed the right post by cms and bobbled over a lunging Jono’s stick.

Both Mac and Zac had small rests after indiscretions on attacking corners, Zac’s from a stick stop gone wrong and subsequent hand of god moment, and Mac earned a corner and celebrated with an altercation. Not our day on corners!

A disappointing result, but the effort and movement was good. We are still in the hunt, but need to turn these close games into wins to stay alive for the finals.

Points: 3 Mason, 2 Wade, 1 Hayden. Goal; Ryan O’Leary

4th grade Sutho 3 Ryde 3 (deferred match from Round 8)

 Today’s game was a hard fought and intense.

With Ryde scoring the opening field goal of the match within the first 10 minutes, they then blew out to a 2-0 lead by scoring a goal from a penalty stroke.

This came after one of their midfielders carved through our defence from the attacking 23 and got deep into the circle before being hacked down! (Sean thought it was one of his cleaner tackles, too!).

The boys lifted our intensity and we progressed the ball up the field and with brilliant passing and team work from our forwards we scored a goal towards the end of the first half with Elliot Stark calmly getting the final touch to bring the score to 1-2 leading into half time.

In the second half our boys went out in the second half fired up and Brady scored the equalising goal to make the score 2-2 from a well timed short corner slap hit.

As our boys were back in the game with 20mins to go on the clock we were pushing Ryde’s team and defence and scored a 3rd goal from Brady again to change the score to a 3-2 win.

With 10minutes to go on the clock our boys were fighting hard to keep the game at a win but unfortunately Ryde scored a good goal in the last remaining minutes of the game with the end result being 3-3.

With all team members playing really well 3 points were awarded to Brady Machen, 2 went to Hayden Neale and 1 to Mark Bonnici. Goals: 2 Brady Machen, 1 Elliott Stark.

 5th grade Sutho 8 St George Randwick 2

 Goals scorers were – Matt Rowling 1, Eythan Rowling 1, Phil Rowling 2, Lachlan Cartwright 2, Matt Quinlivan 2

The game began well for Sutho with the ball in the attacking half from the first whistle for most of the game.

Early on Sutho earned a short corner, Mitch Rowling to take the hit and finds Cartwright on post. Quinlivin ran the ball from the sideline at the 25 to the dot himself to shoot bottom right. The third goal came with some nice play from the forwards the draw the keeper out and a tap in for Phil Rowling.

Half time score at 3-nil. The intensity continued as second half began with another goal for Matt with a shot from the seven. Throughout the game, the defence held their own with some great efforts from Tom Hausman and Luca in the backs.

We also saw some good distributional plays from the kids with work done from Mitch and Bob.

Bob found a few opportunities, however, to run himself and score the fifth goal.

After some back and forth movement plays from both teams, St George got on a breakaway run to get the ball down into the circle. We saw a few short corners to follow and some great saves from Daniel in goals. They did however end up scoring with the score line at 5-1.

The ball did find its way back into Sutho’s defensive 25, and with the defence finding themselves outnumbered with not all mids and strikers getting back to help, it led to another goal for St George.

Around this time, the injured Matt Rowling decided he was going to get changed into his playing stripes He said he brought “just in case” and decided to go for a run. As predicted by the players on the bench at the time, he only lasted two minutes.

But Matt would find himself on the field once again 10 minutes later for a good tap in on the post: the score 6-2 with 10 minutes left on the clock.

Sutho didn’t see a drop in intensity unlike the other team with younger, stronger legs on the field. Again we had some good distributions to the corners with a cross from the ‘T-spot’ raised in the air by Dave’s stick, which found a deflection of Lachlan’s stick to find another deflection from a St George player into the bottom right corner. Fair enough to say the keeper was very happy with his own team member.

As the clock was winding down we would have one last shot at goal with Phil Rowling at the top of the circle to receive a good ball from out wide to nail the back left corner.

It was a great display of dominance from the team with everyone putting in and doing their part.  Man of the match points: Tom Hausman (2), Lachlan Cartwright (2), Daniel Bryant (2).

6th grade Sutho 2 Briars 7

Following last week’s respectable defeat against the top of the table team, Sutho faced an away trip to tricky Briars on a warm, Sunday afternoon.

Briars who are sitting pretty in second place were well prepared for what Sutherland had to offer and were well reinforced on the bench.

Sutho,  on the other hand, were stretched and could only muster the one sub against a handful provided by the home team; this was a contributing factor to the eventual outcome.

The home team started brightly and put Sutho under pressure, a goal coming relatively quickly in the contest. Noting the Briars centre forward was a tricky player and certainly stood out in a SL4 context, bagged another couple of goals before the break.

A revival following the break saw the away team pull a couple of goals back through Mitch Rowling and Liam Grey but unfortunately injuries on the day combined with the heat and lack of subs meant that the task of victory was always going to be difficult, as such the home team increased the margin. Full time 7-2.

A couple of worthy mentions go to Mitch Rowling, Rory in goal, and Liam grey

 7th grade Sutho 1 Sydney Uni 0

 I would just like to thank all our players for turning up at 8 o’clock on Saturday night as we all had other things to do at that time. This was a game we really wanted to win and it was extremely close all the way.

Without a couple of our regular players we had some changes of positions. Howie excelled as fullback, supported by Ross and Adam either side.

Our control of the ball was better than usual and we had time for more accurate passing – as shown in Jordan’s goal just after half time.

Some frantic and consistent marking in defence then controlled the game.

Left and right halves Caleb and Matt did heaps of running without substitution and pushed the ball up to the forwards, Conner, Scott and Damo – leaving Jordan to roam as centre forward. They all played exceptionally well.

We had a number of chances saved by their player of the team, the goalkeeper. He was very quick to sprint out to attack the forwards and hopefully we can learn from this.

Alex played well in the midfield, moving up and down as required with some great marking and some good possession and Dave Lucas pulled off some good saves when required.

A really good game and I was very proud of the players with only one substitute player available. We worked hard for the win and thoroughly deserved it.

One goal to Jordan Wood and 3 B&F points to Matthew Read, 2 to Jordan Wood and 1 to Adam Howard.


No reports from first or second grades and just one from 3rd grade – the ever reliable Wildcats.

But we did have some pictures contributed by Paris Barnard of the 1st grade v Esquires game of the previous week. Thanks, Paris. Enjoy.

Sutho Wildcats 6 vs UNSW 2

Another good win for Wildcats, keeping our place at the top of the table.  We started out playing attacking hockey, with a different forward line this week with a few regulars away or out injured. However the new line up combined well and after some good short passing up front, Kayla scored a fantastic goal with her back facing the goal and hitting the ball between her legs.  #Skills!

Another quick goal followed from Chrissy who had a fantastic game stepping out of her full back position into left wing. The 3rd goal came before half time after some good passing up the field and Gemma picking up a hard ball from across the circle to find the back of the goal.  Wildcats were very happy with a 3-nil lead at half time.

The second half saw UNSW pick up the pace. They certainly had speed and fitness on their side and were hard to catch when they made a break. Wildcats defence was solid and reliable as usual. After a quick turnaround against the  play UNSW scored their first goal.

The next 2 goals came from Fi after good lead in work from our halves, Lyn, Vicki and Kirsty. UNSW’s second goal was again against the run of play with their speed catching us out.

The last 15 minutes we ran out of puff and UNSW were trying everything to get the ball in the net. Wildcats remained focused and Kayla scored another from a great shot from the top of the circle.

Wildcats celebrated the win with birthday cheers to goalie Julie and fill-in Kayla. Thanks to Kayla for filling in.

Best and Fairest: 3 Gemma Rawlings, 2 Fiona Edgar, 1 Vicki Earle. Goals: 2 Kayla Edwards, 2 Fiona Edgar, 1 Gemma Rawlings, 1 Chrissy Hagan.


 U17 Sutho 3 Northern District 0

Players B&F: Harry 2, Matt T 1, Donni 1, Lachlan O’Leary 1, Oliver Turner 1. Goals: Harry 2, Staples 1

In last week’s report I said “ .. we now have a run of 6 further games before the next school holiday break, and an opportunity to begin to develop our style of play with hopefully a relatively settled team. “

A reminder to choose one’s words carefully, as this week we found ourselves at Pennant Hills with a (record) 7 players out, and grateful for the assistance of 4 u15 players (Angus Callinan, Elliot Stark, Oliver Turner and Lachlan O’Leary) to make up our team of 12.

We went into the game equal on points with Northern District, so expected a more challenging night than last week’s tough game against Glebe.

Fortunately Riley Lloyd, although injured, stepped up as Honorary Assistant Coach for the night and provided some of his team mates with that extra bit of inspiration to get out and play hard!

The team put plenty of pressure on Northern District’s midfield and their “D” in the first half – but a strong display from their goalkeeper meant we went into the break with a very narrow 1-0 lead and a need to get smarter about our work into the attacking “D”.

The second half saw more passing across the midfield and through the striker line, and better penetration out wide. In the end that pressure paid dividends with some late goals.

Brenna had a fair bit of action in goals tonight, and came through with a clean sheet. Rylee took a while to get into the game at DM, but then was much more in the game through the 2nd half.

Our midfield (Harry, Turner, Staples and Luke) controlled the ball well, and in the main did a good job in supporting our striker line. Strikers Donni, Hayden and Elliot found more attacking success as they increased their work rate off the ball, and all did a good job defensively.

All the u15s played very well and made a vital contribution to our result. Lachlan O’Leary and Oliver Turner both performed well as our outside wing halves – Oliver giving us excellent attacking width down the right, and Lachlan having a strong 2nd half in defence.

Elliot worked effectively in our striker line, including some good passes that kept our attack moving forward, and Angus was always reliable in defence.


U17 Sutho Blue Tongues vs. Glebe Hornets

The Blue Tongues’ first game against a team with more than 9 players began with a rough start, seeing our defence under the pump for the first 10 minutes.  With some lazy Sutho marking and lucky ball movement in the circle by Glebe, they managed to score their first goal within 6 minutes.

After this, Sutho got their act together and started playing the game that we knew they could. After a couple of close misses, we managed to score off a short with 10 minutes to go, levelling the score.

Sutho dominated the remainder of the half, with the ball only entering our defensive 25 once, off a long ball out of a Glebe defence. Now, normally a keeper would let this run over the backline, winning the 16. Svea however, must have been a little bored after a lack of action, so she decided to kick the ball back towards the three Glebe strikers that were quickly coming down the field. Luckily Sarah managed to get to the ball before the Glebe players and clear it forward, turning a potentially dangerous situation into a  humorous one.

After a halftime talk resembling a performance of “Good Cop, Bad Cop”, Sutho’s dominance continued, with long periods of ball possession and good outcomes in attack. Three more goals were scored off short corners making the final score 4-1.

3 points to Bronte Marinos, 2 to Luke Mecham, and 1 to Josh Ko

Sutho u15A Geckos 7 v St George Knights 1

After a week of turmoil, with three different venues and a change from Friday night to Saturday, our team of 14 was reduced to 8 for our only Sutho home game of the season.

With u15 Girls State titles on in Grafton, both teams were short, with Saints starting with only 7 players, quickly supplemented by u13s. Sutho were ably supported by Fletch from the u13s, who did a great job in goals for a striker, and Angus, Kaylah, Holly and Sophie from u15Bs did an excellent job.

A beautiful autumn day greeted us, as Craig frantically watered the dry spots on the turf with the hose, and we frantically changed Fletch into the U15bs goalie gear.

Sutho got the early running and despite being too direct through the middle in attack, created the first opportunities, one of which Oliver slotted off the back stick. A few chances for Adrian before Sophie was positioned perfectly on the post to tap in a pass from Adrian for our second.

Midway through the 1st half, coach Brad was standing outside the dugout when Luke came flying past  and hurled something into the fence before continuing on at top speed. On further inspection in was a packet of red frogs he had tucked into his playing shorts.

It hasn’t been confirmed if he was eating them on field, but they didn’t last long after the match.

Adrian then converted a one-on one with a deft push past the keeper, who had done well stopping our straight shots.

The second half was similar to the first, with Saints managing to score a goal midway through.

However, we were happy that there was excellent control by our defence and midfield, especially working combinations on the right.

As such B&F went to Tahlia who was a rock at DM, Oli at centre and Zach M at right AM.

Oliver almost scored a hat trick. With 2 goals already, he intercepted the ball in the circle and with the ball in the air he showed great 3D skills to drag it right and in the same motion push it past the keeper.

As he run off in jubilant celebration Kaylah snuck in at the right post to tap it across the line, then running off to be subbed with the cheekiest grin and a very pink face.

Another hat trick to Adrian, showing again that when he keeps his head and he thinks about his options, he is an excellent goal scorer and dominant at centre striker. Sophie got one so close to crossing the line we thought it was a goal, and Holly and Luke both went close in the same attempt on goal, although Holly insists hers was a pass.

We now have 9 goal scorers in our 4 games, which is a good position to be in.

We have next weekend off with the bye then play again after the long weekend at Lidcombe.

Goals:, 3 Adrian, 2 Oliver 1 Kaylah, 1 Sophie. Points 3 Tahlia, 2 Oliver, 1 Zach M

15B Sutho Blue Tongues 7  Glebe 0

It was a beautiful Saturday morning for the U15B Blue Tongues to have a home game against Glebe. As this was our second game against Glebe and we won comfortably last game, we focused on playing our own game and not bunching together.

Dom had no touches of the ball in the first half in goals, with the majority of the game in the attacking half. We had a quick half time goalie change over to Kaylee to give Dom a run.

Ryan had a great game scoring 4 goals (with a great cross by Angus for one of them) and Holly, Hannah and Charles scoring one each also.

Hannah caught a hard ball in the shin, but she toughed it out and continued with the game.

The Blue Tongues gave away just one short corner in the second half, but they defended well and were able to keep Glebe from scoring.

The team moved the ball well, with some nice passing and good teamwork by everyone.

Best and Fairest: 3 points Ryan 2 Blake 1 Nick.

 Under 13A Sutho Geckos 11 defeated Sharks 1

The scoreline could indicate weak opposition, but that’s a little misleading.

The Sharks had played well in patches, but in the first half of the game the Geckos played incredibly well – their best half of hockey this season. There were numerous instances of unselfish play by the mids and strikers when prying open the Shark’s defence with short elimination passes for the easier tap-in goal.

The mid-field took control of the game early with some great passing and attacks into the opposition’s quarter, with Corban and Jett leading the way. Corban set Tomas up for the first goal, followed by Matty and Tomas setting Lachlan up for the second goal.

Jett did a controlled tomahawk for the third goal before then setting up Lachlan for the fourth goal. Lachlan then assisted Fletcher for the fifth goal and on it went until a few late solo effort goals towards the end of the game for the 11-1 scoreline.

The second half of the game was quite a bit more disjointed due to the mercy rule and the rotation of players between defence, mid-field and strikers to ensure active game time.

It’s fun watching the defence appear in the forward line and attempting to show the usual strikers how it’s done.

Last game Lily had a brief opportunity upfront towards the end of the game and her shot at goal rebounded off the post. This week she earned a short corner and then banged in a goal from a great hit from the top of the circle for out 10th goal. And with 30 seconds to go, some good karma followed Noah (who had set up the ninth goal) with a terrific shot from just inside the circle to score the team’s 11th goal.

It’s always disappointing when a team is playing well to have a goal scored against you, however it’s also an opportunity for the team to learn from the mistake. It’s a weakness that occurred a couple of times in rounds 1 and 2, and involves insufficient urgency to clear the ball out of our circle.

There were only two attacks by the Sharks into the Geckos circle during the game. One was saved by Byron as the goalie, and the other was when the Sharks scored.

The Sutho defence had managed to dispossess the Sharks striker, but then didn’t show sufficient urgency to clear the ball out of the Gecko’s circle. The result was a Sharks player showing greater hunger by getting the ball and pushing it into the back of the net.

Best & Fairest: Corban Marinos 3 pts; Tomas McCowen 2 pts; Byron Watson 1 pt. Goals:  Lachlan 3, Tomas, Jett, Fletcher, Tom de Soza, Corban, Matt, Lily and Noah.

 U13 B Sutho Blue Tongues 1 Moorebank Blue 0

Today’s game was a real “nail biter” with the Blue Tongues winning by the narrowest of margins.

The team was solid in defence, with Liv Coxsedge (our goalie for the day) saving a number of almost certain goals.

Christian Rast spend some time in the attacking zone where he looked like a natural striker and did some really great passes and shots for goal. Finn Wille played a gutsy game in attack and defence where he chased down the ball time and time again.

The whole team played well and are enjoying their winning streak. Lessons from the game include improving our marking of the opposition and passing the ball wide and using the space.

Best and fairest: 3 pts Christian Rast, 2 Finn Wille, 1 Liv Coxsedge. Goal: Max Lewis.

U13B Sutho Thorny Devils 0 Moorebank Red 1

‘Tough test in the west’ was the theme of the day with a fast paced game against Moorebank Red. The hard fought battle for points that unfortunately edged in favour of Moorebank.

I would have liked to say that it was down to a home game advantage that saw victory for the opposition, but it was more due to some nice fundamentals and runaway breaks that had us under the pump.

That pressure placed a huge test on our defensive players who did extremely well to keep the one point deficit in fact. Goal opportunities for Moorebank at least tripled ours, so it was impressive to see how we rallied to shut out those shots.

When in possession there was an improvement over last week as far as quick traps and delivery to other attacking players, which was encouraging to see as it has been a focus for our development as a team. There was some nice utilisation of our wings to progress the ball into the other team’s half of the field.

Focus on the little things, such as solid flat stick tackles, and moving the ball around the field to running players will surely see a turnaround on the scoreboard in coming weeks.

A big thanks to Adrian Collins (Mylo’s dad) for taking the team through a good warm up, and stepping up to take on the coaching role today.

Go Sutho!!

Best and fairest: 3 pts Jana Dimitrovska, 2 Jack Treharne, 1 Amelia Domrow.

Sutho u/11B Blue Tongues 1 Sydney Uni 7

It was a tough game for the U11 Blue Tongues on Saturday morning.

We came up against a team who had two or three players who probably should been playing at a higher level while we are still learning some of the basics of the game.

Having said that, we never stopped trying even as the scoreline built up against us. Our hard work was rewarded with a well worked goal being scored right at the end of the game.

U11B Sutho Bearded Dragons 0 Bankstown 0

There would be no time to bask in the morning sun at Lidcombe as the Bearded Dragons battled to keep their winning streak alive against a strong Bankstown team.

In what became a challenge between two strong defenses, the Bearded Dragons tackled hard, put their bodies on the line, and protected their goal well. Dominic was a steady rock at the back all game, and Riley had two important saves in goal.

At the offensive end of the field, the team tried extremely hard to break down Bankstown’s two key defensive stars, but were ultimately unable to take advantage of their shots at goal.

In the end, a 0-0 draw was a fitting score line, and the Bearded Dragons are already eagerly awaiting a rematch with Bankstown.

Best and fairest: 2 pts each Lachlan Hoy, Bethany Domrow, Riley de Soza.

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