Life in the time of COVID-19

Remember when we got together like this at Sutho??

It was only January when Belgium’s Red Lions and Red Panthers visited us. How the world has changed in just a couple of months.

Well, now for something completely different in this COVID-19 time of no hockey. The mix of no games, no training, working and studying from home are challenges, but they pale next to those faced by so many Australians. Sutho sincerely wants everyone to be safe and healthy. That’s the top priority.

A dash from Ash tests the defence

There are lots of messages out there about coping with these extraordinary times. Good and bad. We’ll try to pass on expert, knowledgable info that might be useful, or even useful AND entertaining.

We all know, or should know, the rules for protecting ourselves and loved ones as much as possible from the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Please add another Rule 1.

Don’t listen to the self-appointed “expert” crazies. Get your information and advice from trusted, scientifically-based sources like NSW Health’s

Your Sutho website, edited by a journalist with more than 50 years experience, plans to publish useful, interesting info from trustworthy sources. Here goes.

Vodka doesn’t work

We’ll kick off with an internet darling.

Sorry, but vodka won’t help protect you from COVID-19. Read why it won’t, and things you should know about hand sanitisers.

This article is from a real expert,  Jeffrey Gardner, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. To read it, click here:

It is just one of many thousands published on one of the world’s most reliable information sources, The Conversation. The publication uses information from respected scientists converted to readable English by professional writers.

The Conversation is published across multiple countries. Your editor subscribes to the Australian, US and UK editions and plans to publish links to interesting, useful COVID-19-related information.

Like to try the OZ version?

National and State-by-State restrictions

The Conversation Australian edition publishes information on how COVID-19 restrictions are being applied nationally and across the States at

Taking Sutho snags to the next level

Sutho has been clearing out its canteen and there are bargains across food, drinks and nibblies. The inimitable John Cowan is in charge of the effort, which was publicised in our regular newsletter last week.

Sutho snags get a curry up. Snags from our sponsor, More than Meat 9524 54744

JC will be on hand next Tuesday from 6 pm-8 pm to help keen Sutho shoppers. Order in advance via or 0409 995 820. Warning: Almost half of the Sutho snag stock has gone, but there’s still plenty for devotees missing their weekend fix.

Which raises the question, what else can you do with Sutho snags apart from the time-honoured whacking them between a couple of slices of bread with grilled onions and your choice of sauce before that first mouthwatering bite?

How about old-style, tried and true curried mystery bags? It’ll fill up the family – guaranteed.

Curried Sutho Snags Recipe, or, to be posh: Saucisses et oignons au Sutho au cari

Take one bag of JC’s pre-packed 10 Sutho snags and thaw. Slice into chunks.

Caramelise a heap of sliced onions in oil. When nice and brown, add whatever type/amount of your favourite curry powder/paste. Chuck in a teaspoon or so of extra turmeric – it’s good for you. If you’re a chilli fiend, go crazy now. Also mix through gravy powder, which will both thicken and help provide a later sauce.

Mix that lot around for a few minutes to get all the spices doing their good thing, then stir in a 400g can of crushed tomatoes until you have a thick sauce. Add water to reach a cream-like consistency. A splash of vinegar is good, too.

Add your cut up Sutho snags (brown them first for even more flavour), mix through, sit back and wait for the magic.

Cook in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes, slow cooker on the 6 hours cycle and probably about 40 minutes on a stovetop. Adjust liquid levels as necessary if slow cooking or using the stovetop.

Season with salt and pepper before serving.

Serve with rice and vegetables of your choice.

Got a recipe you would like to share with other housebound Sutho fans? Send it with a picture/pictures of the magnificent result to

A cold or Coronavirus?

The ABC has published a really useful guide to cold/coronavirus symptoms in its article, “COVID-19 symptoms: Do I have a cold or coronavirus?” at 

Sanitising food

Chloe on the burst…

One of Australia’s best food bloggers, Nagi Maehashi, suggests cleaning your fresh produce should be part of your Coronavirus management.

Nagi’s Recipe Tin Eats has a big following in Australia and the US because of her sensible, efficient recipes, a bit of a droll sense of humour, and the continuing pictorial exploits of her dog, Dozer.

Check out Nagi’s COVID-19 tips, and the rest of her site – which includes a great collection and free recipe ebooks – at

Kizza videos

And, just to finish off with a bit of hockey, all Sutho fans would know that our club has appointed Kieran Govers as our first grade coach. Kiz first played with Sutho in 2007 before he headed off to the Kookaburras and a stellar international career.

This year is expected to be his last playing and his first coaching. We’re tickled about the partnership.

Anyway, here’s a couple of Kieran videos, one showing a selection of his best goals and another with a training routine and some trick shots.






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