Sutho Senior Presentation Night Award Winners

The 2017 season has now drawn to a close with the 2017 Sutherland Hockey Club senior presentation held last weekend at our club sponsor Tradies.

Thank you to all our attendees and congratulations to our all senior award winners for 2017.


2017 Major Year Awards
Senior Womens Player of the Year Joanne Momsen
Senior Mens Player of the Year Keiran Govers
Club Person of the Year John Cowan
 Outstanding Service Awards Bill Melchert and Trish Krepp
WOMENS – Players’ Player / Coach’s Awards
Premier League Players’ Player Kendelle Tait
Second Grade Players’ Player Lauren Lee
Third Grade Players’ Player Kate Whitton
Premier League Coach’s Award Kristen Agius
Second Grade Coach’s Award Raina Misfud
Third Grade Coach’s Award Emily Cummins
MENS – Best & Fairest / Coaches Awards
First Grade Best & Fairest Cameron Buesnel
First Grade Best & Fairest Matthew Phillips
Second Grade Best & Fairest Brendan Sharp
Second Grade Best & Fairest Mitchell Shipp
Third Grade Best & Fairest Jay Kelly
Fourth Grade Best & Fairest David Richardson
Fifth Grade Best & Fairest Brendan Hol
Sixth Grade Best & Fairest Alex Doyle
First Grade Coach’s Award Mitchell Wray
Second Grade Coach’s Award Michael Sharkey
Third & Fourth Grade Coach’s Award Nick Rose
Third & Fourth Grade Coach’s Award Hayden Neale
Fifth Grade Coach’s Award Tom Hol
Sixth Grade Coach’s Award Adam Howard
Games Played Medals
300 GAMES Phillip Rowling
300 GAMES Brad Bollard
200 GAMES Jono Scott
200 GAMES Sarah Morris
200 GAMES Cameron Buesnel
200 GAMES Jon Hol
100 GAMES Anna Barton
100 GAMES Lisa Cummins
100 GAMES Adam Sullivan
100 GAMES Wade Tonna
100 GAMES Sean Kelly
100 GAMES Tom Hausman