Winter’s here; it must be hockey

Saturday was the first day of winter, so I guess you could say it was also the official first day of the hockey season.

Not many match reports this week: maybe the managers were getting in some practice for the bye round over the coming long weekend.

But thank you for those who made the effort: it’s always appreciated by your teams.

And, thank you to Rory Staples for his pictures of the U11 Bearded Dragons in action.


4th Grade 

Sutho 2 Gordon North Sydney 1

This week 4th grade hosted 1st place, goal leading undefeated Gordon North Sydney at home. GNS didn’t know it ye,t but they would only be going home with one of these titles intact!

Both teams hit out hard from the start. GNS were strong in possession and the arm wrestle eventually tipped their way with their first goal coming midway through the first quarter. We were prepared for a tough game, so GNS’s early lead didn’t faze us and we quickly answered with a goal of our own thanks to some amazing stick work by Elliot.

The contest continued into the second quarter, GNS were dangerous but our composure was beginning to wear them down. The niggle was on the rise peaking with Jimmy’s well executed dive tackle, flash back to his NFL days??? In any case the GNS player didn’t know what had hit him, unfortunately the ref decided to hit Jimmy in turn… with a yellow card.

In the dugout at half time our spirits were high, the tide was continuing to turn our way. All we needed to do was keep playing our game and run back out there like it was 1 all!….

Quarter three began slowly; GNS were working hard to re-establish control of the game but try as they might they couldn’t keep our strikers quiet! Huon almost sunk the goal of the season with a beautifully weighted lob over the keeper – shame the crossbar got in the way! The attempt did win us more momentum and successive goal attempts finally wore GNS down.

Our second goal came at the tail end of the quarter following some excellent build up play and exceptional scramble in GNS’s goal mouth. Our strikers had done all the hard work just in time for Bonnici to show up and slot the ball in over the keeper’s foot! (thanks, boys)

With 17 minutes of the game left, GNS left nothing in the tank. There were some hairy moments but our defence remained strong and some excellent mid field play supported more goal attempts on our part. If only Brad had connected with his tommah we may have ended the game 3-1!

Special mention to Elliot for an outstanding game and a well earned 3 best and fairest points. His cool head and tight skills were an integral part of our win on the night.

It was our best game of the season without a doubt, keep it up boys!

Best and Fairest: Elliot Stark 3, Brendon Hol 2, Mark Bonnici 1.

5th grade

Sutho 0 Ryde 3

We travelled to Ryde for the 5 pm match against the competition pacesetters – and we found out why they are on top of the table!

The first 35 minutes was really about whether we could get the ball across the half-way line in our possession. That didn’t happen many times. We were under constant pressure and repeatedly turned the ball over coming out of our 25 yard area.

We had held Ryde to 0-1 until 10 seconds before the break when they grabbed a 2nd goal – that soured the mood somewhat after such a determined defensive effort through the half.

The half-time talk was about getting and maintaining possession, and trying to play more of the game in Ryde’s half of the field. Fortunately we did a lot better job of that in the 2nd half, and consequently managed to get into the D on a few occasions to pressure their goal.

Lots to reflect on from this game, but we get half a season to work on improvements before we play them again!

B&F points: 3 Ty Stephens, 2 Lachlan Groundwater, 1 Craig Turner.

8th grade

Sutho 1 Ryde 6

This game against Ryde was always going to difficult. They are unbeaten half way through the competition. Our plan was to limit the damage that they can do.

So our start and our marking had to be top notch, especially at the back and midfield.

From the whistle it is obvious they were a well drilled team. On the other side, we were going to make it tough for them and we did!

The marking was superb as was the chat. We held them out for a while until they snuck one past Edward. Then another.

What was evident was that they moved up as a unit. This meant there was a weakness on the counterattack. It was on one of these occasions that the play went to our circle we dispossessed them and went on the counterattack.

Ross passes and it finally rests on Jordan’s stick where he deftly weaves through the defence and finds the goal! This was exactly what we needed! We lift our game knowing we can do this!

Unfortunately they slipped another 4 past us and we missed some great opportunities.

We ended 6-1 down but as a wise player after the game roughly said, “The score does not reflect the effort and commitment that went into this game!”.

It was our best played game yet and while we were beaten, we were far from beaten!

Best and fairest:  3 Gary Busby, 2 Sean Hails, 1 Mark Bayley. Goal: Jordan Wood


Under 11

Geckos 1 Bankstown 4

A slow start for the Geckos saw Bankstown score two quick goals within minutes of the game starting.

However, these goals woke the Geckos from their slumber and they began to defend with more urgency, with Julian making a number of good saves in the goal.

With the increase in our defence, the Geckos were able to move the ball further upfield and the Geckos countered with a goal from Eliana.

The score was 2-1 to Bankstown till quite late in the second half and the Geckos started to put more pressure on Bankstown with a number of hits on goal going close but not quite close enough.

Bankstown were the better team on the day and got through our defences to score another two goals. The Geckos have learnt not to underestimate any team, and are looking forward to a rematch.

Best and Fairest: 3 Julian, 2 Luke, 1 Luka. Goal: Eliana.

Under 11B

Sutho Blue Tongues 4 Banktown 0

Today’s game was a great one with a 4 to nil win for our little Blue Tongues against Bankstown. Both teams played a fantastic game but our guys were on the ball.

Sam our goalie for today was on fire with some awesome saves.

A big shout out to our ref Camille who did a great job at our game constantly on the ball and doing it on her own, so a massive thank you.

Also thank you to Bankstown who played a great game.

So, without a further ado our best and fairest is Rowan 3, Thomas 2 and Georgia 1. Congratulations guys well done!!!

Sutho Bearded Dragons 6 UNSW 0

Pictures thanks to Rory Staples

The day didn’t start well for the Bearded Dragons with two players calling in sick, one player running late and another turning up without a stick and mouth guard which meant we started the game short.  The warm up was also very scratchy with hockey balls flying all over the place.

But as soon as the game started it all changed and the kids clicked into action as they have done all season.

This very young and inexperienced team have improved so much in such a short time and are now playing some very good hockey.

Lincoln, Hamish and Griffin were very strong in the backs as they have been all season and with Liam in goals we kept another clean sheet.  The midfield and forwards are really starting to work well together as they are looking for their teammates and delivering strong passes.

It was great to see a couple of the goals being scored after four or five very accurate passes where our opponents couldn’t get near the ball. One of these happened on a short corner where all four players in the short corner touched the ball before it was sent into the goals.

Best & fairest: Nic 3, Mandy 2, Ellie 1.

Goals were scored by Nic, Jack and Mandy with Ellie just missing out through some excellent saves by the UNSW goal keeper.

Well done, U11 Bearded Dragons.

Under 13A

Sutho Geckos 8 Glebe 0

With only 11 players we knew we were in for a challenging game against Glebe.

But, the team worked hard and achieved another fantastic result with an 8 to 0 victory.

Chris G was all over the field (in attack and defence) and deserved the 3 points as best on ground. Holly also played a great game by scoring 2 goals then moving into defence and stopping a number of Glebe goals.

Our full time goalie, Isaiah, got some practice today and was solid as our last line of defence.

Special thanks to Peter Tait for his advice to the stand-in coach and players. Also, a big thanks to Oliver Bollard for umpiring.

Best and fairest: 3 Chris Goodman, 2 Holly Antilla, 1 Peter Rast. Goals: Holly Antilla,  Jonty Austin,  Peter Rast 2, Chris Goodman, Camille Rogerson 1.

Under 13B

Sutho Thorny Devils 4 Moorebank 2

Round 7: and the first day of winter saw coach Hoys TD’s head out west to play the top of the table Moorebank team, with a number of very skilful players. Nerves were a plenty (from our team manager at least).

Moorebank started off the game strongly with a goal in the first minute. Coach Hoy’s TDs warred  into the game, then came back applying plenty of pressure up front with Dominic smashing a cracker goal from just inside the D to draw level at 1-1.

This signalled ‘game on’ by the  TDs with plenty of steals by Isabel, Lachlan, Abby and Lucy. Our defensive line scrablibled well with Jacob protecting our goals and Darcy showing great leadership organising the backs and taking the free hits quickly.

Nathanial, Ken and Steven were working well to protect our line. Going into the break 2-1 down, coach Hoy knew the TDs were not playing to there potential and we could take this match.

They showed a lot of maturity and trust listening to instructions at half time. Every went to the next level, playing out of their skins in the second half.  our 4 bench rotation worked very well, and we needed it.

Our forwards and wingers Amy, Finn, Liam, Riley and Thomas had plenty of ball in free space with great team work from our backs and mids moving the ball around the field well..

Isabel, Lachlan and Dominic dominated in the middle resulting in 3 second half goals to our machine Thomas. The TDs held Moorebank goalless in the second half.

This was particularly a rewarding win because every TD player showed determination in playing their hardest..

Great teamwork win TDs – well done.

B&F points: Thomas 3, Riley 2, Dominic 1.

Sutho Blue Tongues 0  St George 1
Unfortunately for the Blue Tongues dogged persistence didn’t pay off today against St George on our home turf.

The Blue Tongues positioned themselves well throughout the game, were dominant with the ball, and while they spent much of the game at their goal, they were sadly unsuccessful in getting on the board today.

Indiana was persistent with the ball and Sky had a close try at goal with 7 mins left in the first half.

With less than a minute left in the first half of the game, St George put themselves on the board off their first short corner, and one of only a few attempts at goal throughout the game.

Bailey successfully trapped the ball on numerous occasions and passed well down the field looking for that perfect placement.

Olive, Tully, Cooper, and Jack kept the many St George defenders and goalie on edge with their perstent attacking and many attempts at goal.  There certainly was a lot of red in that circle stopping those goal shots from making it through.

BT goalie Milo wasn’t afraid to come out of the goal when he needed to and prevented the score going to 2-0 when he was surprised by a lone attacker in the circle in the 2nd half.

If possession was the measure of a win, the Blue Tongues won 90-10 today and while the loss will hurt on the ladder, they should be encouraged by their improved field placement, passing and persistence.  They didn’t give up that’s for sure!

Best and fairest: 3 Bailey, 2 Olive 1 Jack.

U17 Geckos

Geckos 2 UNSW 1

Tonight we travelled to Daceyville, and tonight we were again scrambling for players as we had only eight players to start the game.  David managed to find three U15 players to help us out tonight.

The game started sluggishly and continued this way until half time.  Both teams had opportunities to score but couldn’t convert.  Charles stepped up tonight and was our goalie, making some great saves to keep the team in the game.

There was excellent defence, clearances from Dominic, Sean, Zac McGrath and Kai Morris.   Zac Coles and Alec were strong in the mids, with Raina running all night – and the only player we could hear talking from the sideline.

At half time we talked about playing wide and not up the middle where UNSW’s two strong players were.  As a team we needed to spread out and use the whole field – not all players on one side of the field. The field was mostly silent, we needed more talking in the second half.

The third quarter was even and still 0-0 at the conclusion.  There was quick chat about playing wide for the final quarter and about lifting the intensity of the game.

UNSW scored the first goal and it was up to Sutho now to show commitment to each other if they were to score.  Some great runs from Adrian and Nathan and Nathan were rewarded with a great goal.

Sutho now started to show some urgency, spreading the ball wide which resulted in a goal to Adrian.  The game is never over until the final whistle is blown: always play to the end.

A big thank you to U15 players Kai Struve, Nathan Brown, Kai Morris and their parents for making the trek to Daceyville to play in our team tonight.  You all played a great game, being valuable team members. We really appreciate your team spirit.

Best and fairest: Charles Weaver 3, Raina Misfud 2, Nathan Brown 1.


U15 Sutho Metro 0 Glebe 1

Coming off the back of the U15 Boys State Champs last weekend, the Sutho U15 Metro team came roaring out of the gates at Cintra on Friday night. With a focus on basics and ball control, the team dominated during the first half, getting two short corners within the first 5 minutes. Unfortunately we had trouble converting these corners and the other shots we had, leaving the score 0-0 at half time.

Sutho’s control continued going into the second half, aiming to make the most of all chances in the circle. Through some excellent team play, the midfield got the ball into the top left corner, and a cracking cross into the circle had the ball deflecting off a Glebe foot to hip height in front of the keeper.

In her debut at striker for this year, Chloe saw her chance and made a diving backstick deflection into the back of the net … just as the umpire blew his whistle for a short corner!

Glebe used a quick counter after the failed short corner, seeing the ball quickly change ends of the field. Grace saved one shot at goal, unfortunately the ball found its way to a lone striker on top of the circle – who took an almighty wind up … and topped the ball, seeing it fly over Sutho’s heads into the back of the goal.

With 10 minutes left in the game, scoreboard pressure took over Sutho, losing their composure that had seen them maintain control of the game to that point. Despite numerous chances, including three short corners within the last 2 minutes, we were unsuccessful in evening the score.

B&F points: 3 Chloe, 2 Jana, 1 Sohan.


1st grade Sutherland 1 Esquires 0

This week we headed into a tough game against last years’ premiers, Esquires. Knowing this would be a tough opposition, we played our game, transferring back and forth through the back and middle lines until there was a clear opening for one of our players to pass the ball through.

Esquires started with the ball. Already the intensity of the game was high, but we were up for the challenge. Esquires playing the way they usually do, were extremely strong on the ball and very rarely missed a trap or tackle. They attempted some longer passes from the centre mid to the outside strikers which would soon be turned over by our sturdy defenders and keeper Anna.

When we had possession, we sensibly trapped the ball and successfully passed from the backs to the midfielders and up to the strikers using our width and strength on the ball to win free hits and maintain possession of the ball.

We were attacking our 50 for majority of the game and kept our press strong against the only other team in the competition that transfers the ball around the back. We had multiple circle penetrations and short corners the whole game but couldn’t seem to convert.

In the last minute we had a ball from our attacking 25. Passed to Iris who passes to Han, who, knowing the time on the clock, hit the ball smoothly into the circle for one last attempt at a deflection or rebound off  the keeper and Cath, with 35 seconds left on the clock, remaining calm (for once!!) trapped the rebound and pushed the ball around the keeper and into the goal.

Full of excitement as it’s her first goal of the season and we come away with a win!

Player points: Ashton Waters 3, Paris Barnard 2, Jo Momsen 1. Goal: Cathryn Johnson.

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