A great day for hockey and some great results

Jack Hayes causing the Gordon North Sydney defence some problems

Hi everyone. A glorious Spring-like weekend for hockey and watching it.

Our juniors had another weekend off with school holidays, but they will be back in full force next weekend.

A highlight of our match reports this weekend is that, in a major burst of TEAM PRIDE, 4th grade has given us not one, but two, reports of their exploits when they took the points against Northern Districts.

As Kreppie reports in his first grade epistle, Jack Hayes and Blake Govers have finished their brief but appreciated couple of weeks with us before they headed back to Perth with Kookaburra commitments.

Thanks to Craig Turner for his images of first and fourth grade action. Catch the galleries below.

Match reports

SEHA Women’s Premier Grade: Sutho 1st grade 3 Tartans 0


It was a very warm winter day out at Bankstown for a very important game for Sutho’s Premier League women’s team. With only three round games remaining for the run into the finals and previous results not going our way, this was a must win.

Again, four players were unavailable for this game against Tartans, who always play at a fast pace. We knew to win this clash we had to be first to the ball. The smart team talk from Sarah, was to simply, “control the controllables.”

We are a great team who know how to play great hockey, we needed to get back to that. However, there was also a need individually to find that fire in the belly, to dig deep even when you’re hurting and be first to the ball.

We did that. We fought hard, we were first to the ball, we trapped, we passed early, our movement and zigzagging down the field, often from inside our defensive 25 was beautiful hockey.

Today we played from the first whistle to the last whistle, there were no lapses as in previous weeks. We were Patient, Purposeful and WE CONTROLLED THE GAME.

Because we did not panic, we kept the ball on our stick and this earned us our first PC. Now becoming one of our favourite plays as Ruth sent it booming into the backboard for a 1-0 lead.

Not becoming complacent, our next two goals were field goals from fantastic team build ups down the field and staying hungry for the ball.

A beautiful assist from our little junior super sub Amelia and Iris scores goal number two. The final goal came again from beautiful lead up play and a run into the circle, Iris again untouchable smashing it into the net.

This win was needed, for our confidence, for points and to show that we are still indeed the premiership contenders we have been since game one…WE ARE BACK! Let’s keep the winning run going all the way into the finals girls #suthowomens #digdeep

Player points: Ruth Sannes 3, Cathryn Johnson 2, Iris Vanhecke 1. Goal scorers: Iris Vanhecke 2, Ruth Sannes 1.

Sydney Hockey Association Men’s Premier League: 1st grade Sutho 7 Gordon North Sydney 2

It was great to see both Jack & Blake at full flight for us again and playing dominating rolls setting an example to some of our younger players who are aspiring to make 1 st grade and better as to what they need to rise to.  As well as these 2 , Kieran was once again at his dominating presence until he unfortunately pulled his hamstring before half time.

Once again we were missing Brady Anderson, Shane Smith , Mitch Wray & Luke Noblett.  Zac Nyrhinen again filled in and played very well having also played 2nd grade.  There 1st half saw some great team hockey and cohesion amongst the team which was “pretty” to watch.  The only negative from that was that we didn’t get the end result in the circle or as much as we would have liked to see.

In saying this the GNS goal keeper had a great day stopping shots which had goals written all over them.  Benny continues to score goals as he did in past years and continues to show how it is done.  Good to see the “young” boys, Christian & Harry score one each and great shots to boot.

Next Saturday we are at home again at 3.30 pm against Nthn Districts.  Both Jack & Blake have now returned to WA for their Australian duties.  We wish them all the best for selections in the Aust team for the Olympics next year and also hope they are allowed to play in our final series if SHA allow them to.

B & F :   Blake Govers 1, Matt Johnson 2, Jack Hayes 3. Goal:  Christian Halyard 1, Blake Govers 1, Matt Bennett 1, Jack Hayes 1, Harry Roberts 1, Matt Johnson 2.

2nd Grade Sutho 3 Macquarie Uni 1

On a glorious Saturday afternoon, our 2nd grade men’s team played Macquarie Uni a.k.a the ‘Maggots’ for the second time this season. And, as another game approached getting closer to the finals series, our injury list had also grown since last week.

Despite not playing a game last week due to the nationals, we still managed to injure one of our players in training, well done us.

Moving on, after our first encounter this season with Macquarie Uni, played at Pennant Hills, we prevailed with a 2-0 win. In what was a tight and tough affair, Sutho scored both their goals in the final 5 minutes of the match.

The last time we played the Maggots, they heavily focused on their counterattacking play, which made it particularly hard to break down a heavily stacked defensive 25.

Today’s match was expected to be much of the same, a tough game which would see the Maggots play a counterattacking game based on our turn overs in their defensive 25 yards. Our game plan was simple yet elegant….trap pass, trap pass, trap pass.

Focusing on our basics, ball movement and winning our 50/50 contests would control this game and lead us to 3 more points on the table.

Sticking true to our game plan, we came out all guns blazing netting two goals in the first quarter.

These goals were great examples of our patience, basics and ball movement as a team, with both goals consisting of great passing and movement up the pitch to get wide to create space in the circle. Much of the same of the second quarter, with us unfortunately unable to convert our chances.

The third quarter was one we would like to forget however, after such a dominant display in the first half we dropped our intensity which allowed Macquarie to perfect opportunity back into the game. Even though they didn’t convert any chances, the pressure was there.

In the fourth and final quarter, our boys rose above our poor performance and lack of intensity in the previous quarter so seal out the game 3-1.

Shout outs to Harry, Jay, Ryan and Zak for backing up and playing multiple games this week and Zak for playing before the Sutho to Surf on Sunday. Nice one, Riley for breaking Shippy’s finger in training (but he has good music taste before the game, so all is forgiven), to all the boys who are injured but have still been coming to training regardless and to our team in general with our work rate and running for each other this week. Nice win lads.

Points: 3 Damon Arapa, 2 Hayden Neale, 1 Jake Sheppard. Goals: Michael Sharkey, Joe Huston,  Hayden Neale

3rd grade Sutho 4 Northern Districts 2 

With five players coming off the back of a 2-day AAP camp, and another four having already played a game earlier in the day, a very tired looking 3rd grade side took the pitch at Sylvania.

Determined not to let our energy levels get the better of us, an intense warm up was just what we needed, the boys taking the field coming out firing.

Taking advantage of Districts fall-away press Sutho took control of the game in the first half. Utilising our midfield as pivots, and with a focus on fundamentals and basics, Sutho got up 3-1 before halftime.

Knowing that we’d drawn/lost games from this position previously, we were determined not to let our guard down in the last half of the game.  Districts also came out with a renewed determination, working their way to another goal early in the 3rd quarter.

With a 3-2 shock on the board to wake us up, Sutho regained control of the game, scoring with 10 minutes to go, leaving the final score at 4-2.

Massive thanks to the boys that came back from AAP and played with us, and thanks to those that doubled up on Saturday.

B&F points: 3 Angus Callinan, 2  Tim Mall, 1  Jay Kelly.

Sutho 4th grade 3 Northern Districts 2

Report 1: 

This was a pivotal round for sixth placed 4th grade. With just a one competition point separating the fifth, sixth and seventh placed teams we needed a win more than ever.

The game hit off to a frustrating start… four back to back short corners with no result. Northern District’s fast countering had us off balance, but we hung in there until Huon managed to convert an excellent counter of our own in the final seconds of the quarter. 1-0.

We picked up the intensity in the second quarter, better control and possession, generating more opportunities. A quick sub five minutes in allowed Quinnie to bring some impact off the bench. Perfectly timed, it was exactly what we needed producing another cracker goal. 2-0.

There were no goals in the third quarter. Fatigue was starting to set in, and we were slowly letting Northern Districts back into the game.  Luck favoured us a few times in defence, but we were too rushed up front. 2-0

The last 17 minutes were action packed. Northern Districts came out hot, scoring two quick goals to even up the score with 10 minutes to go. We knew we could get the job done but needed to keep our heads. Really proud of the boys for keeping their composure during the tail end of the game. We lifted and pressured Northern Districts into conceding a stroke after a barrage of goal attempts. Hats off to Charlie for slinging it over the keeper’s right shoulder and into the back corner! We were back in front but in true 4th grade style we weren’t content to see the game out quietly… with thirty seconds to go we conceded a short corner, luckily the shot went wide! 3-2

Best and Fairest:3 Jimmy Northwood, 2 Daniel Bryant, 1 Brendon Hol.

We’ll take a break here and catch CT’s match pictures…

Report 2

Sutho 4th grade Sutho vs. Northern Districts 3-2

This weekend saw the battle for 6th place.

6th and 7th place were separated by a single point, the winner to gain an advantage in securing a finals position.

Sutho was on the offence early with a number of corners in the opening minutes but unable to convert. Northern Districts then controlled the game for most of the opening quarter as Sutho was finding their rhythm. Sutho pulled ahead by 2 goals before a lapse in concentration cost us a goal 1 minute before half time.

Despite the half time pep talk the team hadn’t focused, Northern Districts equalised in the 3rd quarter before Sutho had even touched the ball.

A Sutho corner resulted in a stroke at the start of the 4th quarter. Charlie stepped up to the spot and put it away to take the lead and secure the win.

Best and fairest: 3  Jimmy Northwood, 2 Dan Bryant, 1 Brendon Hol.

Sutho 5th grade 2 Monterey 2

This week saw 5th grade up against an old foe, Monterey at Olympic Pitch 2.

Monterey plays a long game with a few skilful players upfront who try to dance in and around the defenders. The first half saw a tight contest with neither side giving much away. Sutho struggled with circle penetrations which prevented us from having any significant opportunities. Half time score 0-0.

The second half descended into a rough and tumble contest, with frustrations getting the better of a few players who were sent off for their ‘constructive’ remarks to the umpires.

Sutho really opened up the width of the pitch in the second half, and good passing and width with a lack of immediate Monterey pressure helped us with increased circle penetrations and short corners.

An absolute ripper of a square ball into the dot saw Fish put a stunning goal away.

With the score 2-1 to Sutho in the final 5 minutes a Monterey forward pirouetted through 5 Sutho players and into the circle, around the goal keeper, nearly putting a goal away. He danced to a tune of clamouring as every Sutho player in the circle hacked at his stick.

For his efforts he earned a stroke and locked the game up, for a final score of 2-2.

Sutho 6th grade 3 UTS 4

The first half saw Sutho take control early, scoring with a touch in by Lachlan Cartwright from a cross by Matt Rowling.

Dominance continued early in the first half cracking shot from Luke Mecham from the top of the circle finding the backboard.

Some sloppy tackles in the midfield then led to some breakaways for UTS leading to multiple short corners resulting to 2 goals for opposition. Half time score at 2-2.

(The report of the second half, which apparently got pretty heated, is summarised -Ed.) The second half brought controversy…  discussions between captains and umpires continued…  the game continued with 22 players still on the field “to many people’s surprise.”

Shortly afterwards the third goal for Sutho comes with a clean strike from Fish from the angle seven yards out, straight past the keeper thundering into the backboard.

The siren goes, the game is lost in the dying seconds.

Goals: Lachlan Cartwright, Luke Mecham, Chris Fishlock.

Sydney League 4 – Sutho 8th grade 1 Monterey 2

This week we played Monterey, who are 2nd on the table. Last time we met the score was a loss of 0-1. We knew it was going to be a hard match based on that game and where they are on the table.

Playing at Olympic 2 we start well with our instructions to win the 50/50 balls. The game started and continued to hover around the middle of the pitch showing how even our sides were remembering we are 5th and they are 2nd!

We showed some great play and it’s great to have Cam back again linking with Sean, Kevin, Howie and Hugh, so we kept options of wide and the switch that kept the oppo on their toes! We make a break and Hugh scores with what seems like half their team in the goal!

The pressure was now on with them trying to get the goal back. They were coming from every quarter but were held out by our solid defence of David, Mark, Adam, Gary and Chris. This was made more difficult with the low sun in our eyes in the first half.

It was during a short corner that they levelled. Luck shot!

Half time called, team chat and out we go again. Second half starts and by their comments they are expecting to win by a good margin. We, on the other hand have winning on our mind!

The rest of the half was a tough, physical encounter with neither team giving an inch!

In a short corner they get one by us! Soon after the whistle blows. We finished 1-2 to them but we had fought hard and unfortunately not our day.

Best and fairest:  3 Gary Busby, 1 Kevin Margetson, 1 Cameron Bayley, 1 Caleb Nieuwendyk.  Scorers: Hugh Coman.



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