About the Competition

2010 "Puffles"

•This School’s 6 Aside Hockey Competition is regarded by NSW Hockey Association and Sydney Hockey Association as a model for Associations and Clubs across the state to look at and use for promoting Junior Hockey.  NSW Hockey Association has it on their website – as “Super Sixes”.

•It is the largest Competition of its type in NSW and, many believe, in Australia.  We have had a number of Hockey VIP’s visit our Competition to see it in action and they have all been very impressed.

• The Competition runs from Week 1 Term 4 until week 8 Term 4 (8 weeks in total) on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

•The games are of 25 minutes duration with a 5 minute turnover before the next games.

•We have divided the field into quarters and run cross field – we use aluminium boards to divide the fields.

•Each team has 6 players on the field for the match.

•Interchanges can be made at any time.

•Junior Primary games are on Mondays, Senior Primary on Tuesdays and Secondary on Wednesdays

•All finals are played on the Thursday of Week 8.


•The Primary Teams can be all boys, all girls or mixed, and compete against one another depending on their abilities.

•The Secondary students compete in Boys, Girls or Mixed Competitions.





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