At last – How to register for Sutho hockey winter 2022!

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a sunny afternoon of hockey at Sutho. Roll on the 2022 season!

It’s been a long time coming after the huge disruptions to all sports over the past two seasons – but now we can get down to registering with Sutho for 2022.

To register to play for Sutherland District Hockey Club (SDHC) in the 2022 Winter Season, you need to complete online registrations and make two payments – and apologies for not being able to do it on one transaction. Firstly, you register with SDHC, and secondly with Sydney South Hockey Association (SSHA) and Hockey Australia (HA) (referred to as Part A and Part B as shown below).

The process for registering children and adults is:

Part A – to register with SDHC

School-age players ONLY – Active Kids Vouchers

The NSW Government provides a $100 voucher to parents/guardians and carers of school enrolled children. The $100 voucher can be used for registration and participation costs for sports and fitness activities. To be eligible, children must be aged between 4.5 years – 18 years and enrolled in school from Kindergarten to Year 12.

For further information visit: NSW Office of Sport or Service NSW

If you have never applied for an Active Kids voucher

1 – Click here Active Kids Voucher to set up your account

2 – Fill out the details page

3 – Find the Services box and click on the ‘Active Kids’ link

4 – Fill out the Parent details

5 – Enter the Medicare card details of the Student you would like to enter

6 – Follow all the steps until you are accepted, and your Voucher number is shown. A copy of your voucher will be emailed to the address you provided.

If you already have an account with Service NSW

1 – Go to your My Service NSW Personal Dashboard

2 – Click on My Applications, as you will need to apply for a new voucher number for 2022

3 – Click on ‘Apply for another voucher’ and complete the details as requested and the new voucher number will be emailed to you

You are now ready to register with SDHC via the steps following and redeem your Active Kids Voucher at Checkout (see below).

ALL players

Returning players from the 2021 season will be emailed a link that will open the online registration form with many details already pre-filled.

New players or those who do not receive an email click  HERE to go to obtain full details.

  • Pre-filled data for returning players need to be checked and updated as required, and the other data fields completed
  • Note: Due to the COVID-affected 2021 season, discounts are available to players returning to SDHC. Select the 2021  playing group for each player and choose how to utilise the available discount.
  • Next, you can prepay for SDHC uniforms (see website for collection info)
  • Continue to Checkout
  • If applicable, click on the Apply Active Kids Voucher button and redeem your voucher. Rego fees for each eligible player will be reduced by the amount remaining on each child’s 2022 voucher.
  • Select a payment option to complete your registration.

Sutho payment options

The registration system allows you to Pay Now for your playing fees and uniforms online using your credit card – select the Visa / Mastercard option.

Otherwise, you can Pay Another Way by Direct EFT Deposit into the Club’s bank account. Your unique Invoice Number is required to be entered into the reference field of your direct EFT deposit into the following account:

Bank:                           Commonwealth Bank

Account Name:           Sutherland District Hockey Club

BSB:                             062 111

Account No:                 1039 9438

Cash payments can be made at the Clubhouse only by prior arrangement with the Club Treasurer – email

Payment plans

Families and players can apply for a Payment Plan to spread the payment of fees and uniforms over a period up to 15 June 2022 that matches your pay cycles. Just select the Payment Plan option and complete the additional form. Under the Payment Plan option, an initial deposit of 25% is required to be made to SDHC.

NOTE: All SSHA & HA fees (Part B) must be paid in full for players to take the field in all competitions.

Finally, you will receive an email from SDHC to confirm your 2022 Winter Season registration.

All payment enquiries are to be directed to

All registration enquiries are to be directed to

Part B – Registering with Sydney South Hockey Association and Hockey Australia

You will be directed to the SSHA Registrations page on completion of your SDHC online registration.

Returning 2021 players click on RETURNING MEMBER, then enter your HNSW Member ID, Date of Birth and Last Name.

New players click on NEW MEMBER

  • Enter your details in the fields specified
  • Select your Registration type from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your details in the fields specified
  • Select Sutherland District Hockey Club from the drop-down menu
  • Press the Submit Registration button
  • Pay SSHA and HA fees with a Credit Card to complete the process

You will receive an email from SDHC (via HNSW) to confirm your HNSW State Member ID.

Dual Registrant / Primary Association other than SSHA

Following the link on the SSHA Registrations page will recognise if you are a dual registrant and have already paid your HNSW fees through your primary association.  Proof of payment of Association and HA fees for 2021 must be emailed to