Volunteering is the heart of Sutho

From our committee, coaches and managers, to all who help with our grounds and canteen, Sutho relies on the contributions of its volunteers.

They generously give their time and expertise so others can enjoy the wonderful game of hockey –  although some volunteers still manage to get on the field, too!

You may not be experienced – but don’t let that deter you. There is plenty of help and guidance available to get you started and answer any questions you may have in taking on a role.

Like every club that is highly reliant on volunteers, we’re always looking for people who like to help.

  • The work and hours are highly flexible, like all excellent jobs!
  • The more helpers we have, there’s less work for all
  • Everyone gets paid the same!!

Volunteering is an important part of our Club for another very good reason – it offers great rewards and benefits for the individuals who take it on. You may end up learning new skills, you certainly get experience in people management in many of the roles, and you get the satisfaction of being part of a great group of people delivering a terrific service to the benefit of our kids and our community.

If you would like to contribute to Sutho as a volunteer, contact club president Craig Turner at president@sutho.com.au, or secretary John Mulcair at secretary@sutho.com.au