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Sutho’s back for 2021: registration open!

Sutho’s back for 2021 and you can start registering now.

Last year was a tough one, but we’re planning and hoping for the best in 2021. And it’s great to be welcoming two more teams, as Sutherland Masters men’s teams formally join our Club.

Their arrival means male Sutho players can wear the Blue from Minkey, through juniors and men during their careers.

Our girls’ pathway to Masters is through Sydney South Hockey Association.

Now, this really important – and can save you money: Don’t forget to claim your Hockey NSW credit before registering with Sutho.

Last year, because of COVID-19,  Hockey NSW offered a 2 for 1 deal for players who registered in 2020. Under the offer, if you paid and played in 2020, you would not pay its 2021 registration fee.

Players eligible for this Hockey NSW credit for 2021 registration fees will have received an email with a unique link, with the subject: Action Required: Claim your 2020 Credit.

To get the credit, players must action this Hockey NSW email BEFORE registering with Sutherland. Please note: Unclaimed HNSW credits will be lost.

Anyway, for all the information you need and the actions you need to take to register with Sutho for 2021, just click HERE

Stay safe and have a great season, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Sutho’s back for 2021: registration open!

  1. Can you provide me with info for a 10year old boy interested in starting Hockey as a beginner.
    Are games played locally on Saturdays, similar to the other teams who play at Greenhills? Is your club offering any free trial sessions prior to registration.

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you for getting in touch. Our club’s junior teams all play on Saturday morning but on a home and away basis against other clubs from across southern Sydney in the Sydney East Hockey Association. This season we will again offer registered players the option to play in a local-only competition at Greenhills, but whether we participate will be dependent on the number of players who register and indicate they wish to take up that option.

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